The focus of this club is authentic relationships cultivated through thoughtfully designed shared social experiences. As a member of this club, I will:  

  • protect the integrity of the club as a representative of Arrived Outdoors.
  • respect and welcome all members, their families, and their guests to participate and enjoy the community.  
  • value member relationships both inside and outside of the club.
  • encourage and support my fellow members in their lives and pursuits.
  • continue to grow and learn through relationships made at the club while not becoming a burden or barrier for others. 

Membership and access are at the sole discretion of Arrived Outdoors. Arrived Outdoors is a  private club that may elect to refuse membership or service to anyone. 

Our goal at Arrived Outdoors is to not ever feel the need to have a manual or handbook of rules.  We do believe though that clear expectations in certain circumstances are required. As such,  the following are our expectations of all Arrived Outdoors (AO) members, guests, and employees.  

  1. I agree to treat all members, employees, families, guests, hosts, and guides with respect always.  Arrived Outdoors will not tolerate any form of abusive or discriminatory behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental, or emotional in respect to sex, race, ethnicity, physical or emotional handicap, age, marital status, or sexual orientation. This includes any actions not limited to sexual assault, verbal harassment, or deemed demeaning to all. 
  2. I agree to respect the property and shared space of Arrived Outdoors. This includes picking up after yourself and guests—placing all dishes in the sink, throwing away all trash, and light cleanup of any messes made during your visit to return the space to normal. As we like to say in the woods and streams….”leave no trace”…. other than your dishes in the sink.  
  3. AO is for the use of members and is not for rent. The main conference room however can be rented/reserved for members’ use. The conference room can only be secured by a member and the member must be present for all meetings. For groups 7 and larger, there will be a $25 usage fee to cover the cost of light refreshments in the conference room or $250 for full refreshments including the kitchen area. Payment must be made at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Use of the club is not included.  
  4. I agree to not abuse my guest privileges. First and foremost, Arrived Outdoors is a place for its members. Arrived Outdoors thoroughly enjoys guests and desires a guest-friendly experience, but not at the expense of other members. As such please limit your guests to a maximum of 6 non-members per group at any one time. You MUST be present for any guests in the club.  
  5. I agree to make sure that all of my guests know and follow all Arrived Outdoors rules contained in this Membership Agreement. If my guest violates these rules, I will immediately inform my guest of the infractions and correct the problem, including the removal of the guest for any continuous non-compliance.  
  6. I agree to follow all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations while on  Arrived Outdoors property or participating in Arrived Outdoors sponsored events. This includes not bringing any illegal or illicit drugs onto the property of Arrived Outdoors. While the contents of a  member’s locker are the members’, the actual locker is considered the property of Arrived Outdoors.  
  7. I agree not to do business as or leverage the Arrived Outdoors name without expressed written consent of Arrived Outdoors.  

I have completely read this Agreement. I understand thoroughly; I fully agree with its content, and I promise to abide by the guidelines established herein. I understand my financial obligations of membership. Annual dues are to be paid upon invoice and within 10 business days of my anniversary date or I will lose my membership and all associated privileges. First-year dues are to be provided upon submission of application.